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Your busy routine and beauty regimen don't always mix. But the world doesn't need to know.

Even if your morning coffee gets in the way of your a.m. shower, or your workout class leaves no time for a thorough shampoo and conditioning cycle, you can still greet the world looking like a real person.

Busy Beauty is made for busy women by busy women, and this startup aims to help you get ready in just five minutes. And if anyone can give me the gift of time, I'm all in.

It offers four crucial products that help you freshen up no matter where you are or when you need it. These products don't take a ton of time to use and also don't require any water, which means you can get ready quite literally on the go. As it stands, you can grab a shave geldry shampoodry conditioner, all of which are freshly scented and conveniently sized to fit neatly inside your purse or gym bag.

I'm a huge fan of both the dry shampoo and the dry conditioner (which tends to be a bit harder to find). While other dry shampoos I've used tend to leave a residue that looks an awful lot like dandruff, the Busy Beauty variety doesn't have this unfortunate side effect. Thanks to its absorbent formula made of natural plant-based starches, it adds a bit of lift and shine to your hair while removing oil, grease, and sweat. Just spray it onto your roots and give your scalp a good massage. 

I follow up with the surprisingly lightweight showerless conditioner, which has avocado and olive oils to moisturize your hair. Don't think of this as a leave-in conditioner — you won't be coating your hair with a gel or a lotion-like substance. Instead, this spray-on conditioner helps to detangle and defrizz your hair which is particularly useful after a workout or rain shower.

And as for the waterless shave gel, I've found this product useful before date nights when a shower just isn't in the cards. Rather than resigning yourself to dry shaving, all you need to do is apply the gel to your skin, shave as you would in the shower, and then rub it in for a post-shave moisturizer. If you've got sensitive skin, this gel is great because it contains no parabens or alcohol and is completely vegan.

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