Always - Yellow Infinity With Flexi Wings Size 1 - 18 Pads

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Always Infinity Pads help you to maintain your regular schedule when you have your period. They're light and comfortable, yet capable of absorbing 10 times their weight for long-lasting protection. These maxi pads with wings stay in place so you can step out in confidence. You get your choice of 18 or 36 in every order to have enough on hand to last you for several days or weeks. They have a dense, yet comfortable Flex foam for outstanding performance. They're designed to hold up under a regular flow. Each pad is comfortable to wear for up to eight hours at a time so you can go a whole work or school day without having to change.

Always Infinity Regular Pads with Wings, 18 count:
Always Infinity absorbs 10 times its weight yet you barely feel it.
Made differently so it protects differently.
Incredible protection for every need.
Choose your count of 18 or 36 regular feminine pads.
Wings help them stay on your panties.
Designed for regular flow.
Flex foam for comfort and maneuverability.
Allows you to maintain your regular routine throughout your period.
8 hours of comfortable protection.

Feel super-confident during every day of your period, thanks to the super-absorbing technology of Always® Infinity® Pads! Always Infinity Pads with Infinicel® Technology absorb up to 10 times their own weight, while fast-absorbing Microdots® help lock in wetness quickly. Plus, they're amazingly light and thin with a soft top sheet that provides added comfort. Experience absorbency like never before—made differently, so it protects differently—with Always® Infinity®.

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