Advil - Pain Reliever Fever Reducer - 20 Liqui Gels

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Ibuprofen. Advil is the only liquid filled capsule clinically proven to work fast. Each Capsule Contains: Potassium 20 mg. Made in USA.
Advil® Liqui-Gels®:
•Advil® Liqui-Gels® relieve tough pain faster than Extra Strength Tylenol®
Rushes real liquid relief where you need it and feel better fast. Relieves headaches, as well as backaches, muscle aches, menstrual pain, minor arthritis and other joint pain, and aches and pains of the common cold.
The makers of Advil® do not produce store brand ibuprofen pain medicine.
Dosing Information
12 years of age and older:
•Take 1 capsule every 4 to 6 hours while symptoms persist
•If symptoms do not respond to 1 caplet, 2 capsule may be used
•Do not use more than 6 capsules in any 24-hour period unless directed by a doctor
Under 12 years of age:
•Ask a doctor

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